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Prof. H L Trivedi

Smt. G R Doshi and Smt. K M Mehta Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Center

and Dr. H L Trivedi Institute of Transplantation Sciences,

Civil Hospital Campus, Asarwa, Ahmedabad 380016, Gujarat, India

+91 79 22685600-09 (except 03) +91 79 22685454

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  • KISHOR SINGH SOLANKI23/07/2014Sir, I heard about your prestegious came to get aged 60 years having cretanine level varies from 1.75 to 1.5 since last one year....stable on 1.5 for last five months...suffering from hypertension since long...and now under medicines..for hypertension i am taking metoprolol xl-50 plus amolopidine in morning , in evening metoprolol xl 50 and Minipress XL in night...for kidney i am having half tab twice a day of tab.phostat, tab sobisis twice a day, calcitrol 0.25 mg once a day, tab fabustate40 mg once in a day ...blood pressure maintained almost 140/80-90..pls advise me what to do it right approach in which i am undergoing...or should i come to you sir for further necessary there any procedure in which i can provide you sir my all reports and get treatment ...fee as required i will deposit in your hospitals account as per your directions plz...please suggest me ..i am fond of exercisise and feel fit in all manners...plz advise ....
  • Tejveersingh22/07/2014My sister has kidney problem and she is on dialysis twice in a week ,i want to know about the transplantation procedure and rules and the success ratio of the transplant, how long one can live with one kidney however it is donor or recipient?what is the cost for that..and can regenerative medicine help in it..thanks
  • DONNA BISHNOI 22/07/2014my father law is on dialysis... he immediately needs a transplant.. he is B+. kindly advice me the right procedure.
  • donna bishnoi22/07/2014my father in law is on dialysis...he immediately needs a transplant. his blood group is o+. kindly advise me the right procedure.
  • Kirit Kumar Shah(Thane,Maharastra)22/07/2014My wife Mrs. Pratima Shah(age:56Yrs) is suffering from end stage kidney disease and is on hemodialysis thrice a weak.We are interested get cadaver kidney transplant Kindly provide me all the information regarding (1)Method and requirement for registration for cadaver kidney transplantation(2)Total cost of the Transplantation(2)Approximate waiting time in getting a suitable cadaver kidney..Regards.
  • nitin jain18/07/2014my sister in law needs transplant of kidney,we have donor in relation,needs to know the approximate cost of surgery and time
  • ravi s18/07/2014My brother-in-law,aged 50 ,blood group O+ is on dialysis since 011 june 2014(one month.Whether his Mother, aged 68, O+ can donate her one kidney. She is fit and fine. Alternatively, his wifeof AB+ can donate ? Orelse shall we get cadaver kidney transplant in your hospital.May i know the cost of transplant in your hospital.We have to transplant. pl suggest me.
  • Vikas Dudhwala15/07/2014Dear Sir, Kidney Relative Function% 49.82(Left), 50.18(right). Total Area: 46.34(Left), 53.66(right). Please suggest us best diagnosis.
  • Apoorv14/07/2014I need to know the procedure for registration for kidney transplant.
  • pratiksha kasture12/07/2014my mother in law needs o+ve kidney, she is on dialysis right now. doc. are suggesting only true brothers and sisters, or mom dad can give her kidney but it can't possible. plz suggest us the right path. and can we get kidney through your institute.
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